vendredi 8 octobre 2010

Coallition of the willing

Dans le genre petite vidéo explicative celle-ci est plutôt sympa.

"Coalition of the Willing" is an animated film about an online war against global warming in a post-Copenhagen world.

Beyond Copenhagen, Back to the 60s, Swarm Politics, Open-source culture, The Network, The Challenge

Découvert cet été via GOOD (can animation help stop climate change) on retrouve tout sur leur site :
The film offers a response to the major problem of our time: how to galvanize and enlist the global publics in the fight against global warming.
This optimistic and principled film explores how we could use new Internet technologies to leverage the powers of activists, experts, and ordinary citizens in collaborative ventures to combat climate change.
Through analyses of swarm activity and social revolution, 'Coalition of the Willing' makes a compelling case for the new online activism and explains how to hand the fight against global warming to the people.
La seconde phase de ce projet démarre d'ailleurs bientôt : the Coalition Movement Camp 10/10/10 Work Party qui coïncidera avec l'initiative de

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